Monday, January 9, 2017

Expanding on a collection kit: Cocoa Vanilla "Free Spirit"

Breaking news . . .

Well first up in the most literal sense . . . on New Years Day my brother-in-law was teaching me how to slackline.  I was looking pretty good if I do say so myself . . .

. . . until the moment I came off on the edge of the mat and felt my foot twist under me!  I've ended up with a fractured bone in my foot, and 6 weeks with a cam boot and crutches.  Not the start to the New Year that I imagined!

But in lighter news I've managed to edit and upload my third video to Youtube. 

The concept of the video is "Expand a Collection".  I show my process for taking a relatively recent collection, Cocoa Vanilla's "Free Spirit" and pad it out into a larger kit using products from my stash. 

Hopefully I show that it's a process that you could apply to any collection, not just this one.

It's the first step in my third piece of news . . .

Announcing my . . .

100 page spending freeze!

You read that right, I have made a commitment to myself to not spend any money on paper crafts until I've made at least 100 scrapbook pages!

Trust me, I have more than enough supplies to make probably twice that amount!  And if you're honest with yourself, maybe you could too?

OK, so, at the end of last year I did do a stock-take of the absolute basic supplies, like adhesives, refill blades, etc.  My very last craft spending was a Christmas present for my son combined with some page protectors.  I don't want anything getting between me and my determination to complete this challenge!

Thanks for stopping by, and I'd love to hear about any challenges you might be setting for yourself for the New Year!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Killing my November counterfeit kit.

I'm pretty happy with the pages I made with my November kit.  I made all the pages I had planned for Angus's album . . .

I'll often make my titles on my Silhouette, but something I haven't done for a while is give them a bit of a lift with Silhouette-brand chipboard.  So I kept working on pages until I had enough titles to fill a cutting mat . . .

I still had quite a bit of paper left over, so then I pulled a few more photos, this time from Rohan's albums . . .

I still have journaling and dates to add on most of the pages, and the last few for Rohan still need their titles, but I've done enough to pack the scraps of the kit away . . .

That's because I have some exciting plans on the horizon for the New Year, including a big spending freeze challenge for myself, starting with an "Expand a Collection" kit I've made, with a video here and on Youtube coming soon to show you how I've done it! 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sorting Patterned Papers.

So my oldest son, Rohan, completed his last HSC exam, turned 18 and did his first shift at Macca's, all in just over a week.  That's a pretty big week!

Currently his plan for next year is to take a gap year before starting Uni the year after, work at Maccas, make art videos and become a Youtube superstar, as you do.

Being the super-proud Mum that I am, here's his channel, MadeByRohan.

At about the same time that he and my husband were making a camera rig for his desk, I bought a huge huge huge stack of patterned papers (all on special of course) so I thought, why not start my own Youtube channel and make my own videos, starting with one on how I sort my patterned papers.  So I did! And here it is:

(Warning: it's literally me rambling on about papers for nearly 15 minutes, so if that sounds boring to you, I won't be offended if you don't watch it!!  Also I didn't check the focus before I started, so it isn't great. Sad face.)

My son said to me, Mum, your channel is called "Spend Less Craft More" and one of the first words you use is "splurge".  And it's true, I have let my stash build up a scary amount since starting this blog however many years ago, so I have a spending freeze challenge in mind for myself in the new year.

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

November Counterfeit Kit - first 3 pages

This year, my blog has read like one long series of failed attempts to get back into the craft room.  Which it kind of has been.  Mind you I still stand by the list of tips I posted here and here
It's been more of a case that I haven't been in the right head-space for crafting.
What's helped me this time (as well as a tip I shared earlier - gather some supplies together into a kit!) is my tip number 5:
Choose some low-pressure photos to scrap
and tip number 6:
scrap in a way that you're comfortable with, rather than trying out something new and daunting  
This month's Counterfeit Kit, which I've called "Dinosaur Tales" has a bright, sunny vibe that leans towards little boy photos, so my first stop was Angus' album, and I've pulled a number of photos from 2008 and 2009.  None of them have a particularly memorable story to go with them, but they're memories I'd rather scrap than not.

 It turns out that even when I'm flush with supplies, I still don't find it very easy to cut into brand new sheets of paper, so I chose one or two sheets to match each photo/set of photos, planning to add off-cuts from other sheets as I make them or from my stash as required.

But enough chit-chat, let's see those pages!

There's that dinosaur paper!  (And would you laugh if I told you that I gutted the centre of both the dinosaur and blue papers before adhering them down?)

I've cut a sheet of circles from vellum and added them to the kit, I love how they make a little home for the buttons and wood veneers. 

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you'll take the time to say hello and share with me your tips or stories of how you like to get back to the craft room!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Counterfeit Kit

I recently had a bit of a splurge on discount papers at one of my favourite online stores. Before I'd even opened the box or seen the inspiration kit for this month, I decided I wanted to make a Counterfeit Kit using these new papers.  Want to see how I did it?

Here's this month's inspiration kit, "City Park" by Cocoa Daisy:

The very top paper in my parcel was a cute dinosaur print from Echo Park "Little Man" and it struck me as being a similar style of whimsical print to the trees and acorns in the Cocoa Daisy kit.  Unsurprisingly, it became the starting point of my November kit . . .

Dinosaur Tales

As you can see, I've taken the kit from an autumn theme to more of a boy/summer theme.  There's plenty of Echo Park here,  as well as "Little Man" there's "Anything Goes", "We are Family", "I Love Sunshine" and "Sweet Summertime".  Then there's  a sprinkling of "Shine" from Maggie Holmes, and some token October Afternoon "Travel Girl", Simple Stories "I Am", and "Memorandum" and "Cedar Lane" both from Pink Paislee.

When it came to alphabets, I had the sticker sheet from "Little Man", so that was an obvious choice, and I've added a set of black Thickers.  The box of wooden icons (from Kmart of all places!) has a similarly whimsical feel, and using some of them might help me work out how to store the rest!

Wanting to keep the embellishments simple, I've added some washi and bakers twine . . . 

and I plan to leave my boxes of buttons, brads and eyelets out on the desk, in the hope that I use some of those too!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

DIY Patterned papers (May Counterfeit Kit)

Here's what the Counterfeiters are inspired by this month from Crafty Templates  . . .

Very pretty, but the thing is, I don't have anything in my stash that resembles my favourite elements of this kit.  What's a respectable Counterfeiter to do but DIY some papers of her own?

Can you guess which ones my favourites were?

Let's go through them one by one, starting on the left with my vellums . . .

I picked a couple of stamps and stamped away on plain vellum, which I embossed with gold powder.  The one on the right is a bit 90's weddingish perhaps?   That's OK, I went to plenty of weddings in the 90's!

For the bokeh-inspired paper, I started by watching this video here:,

My process ended up being similar, but I used gelatos and the packaging technique for my background, before making up a quick stencil on my Silhouette and sponging white ink through that.

A close up of the texture.
 I could have done the turquoise paper the same way, but this time I stamped circles all over my cardstock using white ink and clear embossing powder, before adding my gelatos over the top.

Finally the black and white striped paper.

Using my cutting mat as a guide, I marked off one inch stripes with a washi tape I don't love.  I then transferred my cardstock to my teflon craft mat before painting the stripes.  I did two coats for good measure . . .

After the paint was dry, it was just a matter of carefully peeling the washi tape away!

So what do you think?  None of these techniques were difficult and all of them were fun!
Let me know which one is your fave? Or do you have some other DIY tricks up your sleeve?
Talk to you soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Road less travelled . . .

This Robert Frost poem was important to my son when he was going through a rough time last year.
This weekend, I've recorded that for his album, with the help of this lovely inspiration from ColourQ:

Here's the completed page:

Thanks for visiting!